Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Confidence Breakers.

Hi guys,
In the lesson called life, we often encounter situations, systems or even people that seek or threaten to destroy our self confidence. These factors whose ultimate aim is to get us out of sync with our inner energy is what I call confidence breakers.
Some confidence breakers are all out in your face,hostile and fierce e.g Rejection..and even though they can be easily recognized they can still do great damage to your self confidence nonetheless which is why we must be on guard and be ready to protect our self confidence at all times.
Another group of confidence breakers are those that are subtle, elusive, evasive and phantom-like ( but most certainly there ), making them more difficult to detect, meaning they can potentially do more damage. These could be certain belief systems, ideologies, two- faced friends, indecipherable situations, failure, unfaced fears, etc. these factors (whether in part or whole) as long as they remain undetected can suck your self confidence dry.
My point today is that we must watch out for Confidence breakers however and whenever they show up. We cannot be ignorant or worse still, helpless in their wake, seeing that self confidence is a prerequisite for success and succeed we must.
In my next post we shall discuss ways to defy confidence breakers and build our self confidence strong. Share your thoughts with us and inspire someone too.