Monday, 24 March 2014

Rejection Therapy 2.

Hey guyz,
Like we learnt in the last post, a healthy attitude is what we require primarily to overcome Rejection. Acknowledging that rejection should not take away happiness, that brief disappointments is normal but our happiness level should be constant.
Hey!... Rejection does not cause pain...only YOU do.
How To Handle Rejection.
Its ok to Cry if you must. Crying is medicine, it will make you feel better. The only snag sometimes is the temptation to turn into a pity me you dont want
Review Possibilities. In some cases, its possible you were sloppy in filling out that form, or you didnt have the right qualifications for the job. In such cases, accept the constructive advice the rejection is offering and build to improve yourself. Whatever the case, there is the active need for us to improve ourselves, if not for anyone, for ourselves, to improve our sense of Well being and Confidence, attracting even more positive opportunities into our lives.
Don't seek to avoid rejection...that's what leads to its fear, which just totally cripples you from going for what you want.
Dont take rejection personally. Most people are not happy rejecting you. Dont hate people who reject you because there's more pleasure wishing them good than bad. Its saner and better to maintain friendly feelings towards people.
Stay Polite. No matter what is going on inside you maintain civility in the meantime, while you work on getting rid of any pent up feelings inside. Politeness and patience will let people see your grace and determination to keep going.
Avoid the trap of living in hope that the person who rejected you will change his or her mind. There is nothing wrong with having a faint hope, but to be consumed by the possibility will cause you to put your life on hold and not progress on your own terms.
Try Again...almost always, its worth trying again..except maybe in the case of trying to force love.


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