Monday, 17 March 2014

Friendship and Cancer

Hey guyz,

You know, Sometimes I think that life and friendship are life's most precious gifts,when I hear of what people do because of the love and value they have for each other and for friendship I just tear up.
Today am I'll be bringing you the story of an amazing woman and her equally amazing friends and family....Gerdi McKenna.

Gerdi was diagnosed three months ago with breast Cancer, now when her friends and family got to know,they came together and did something so touching to show their love and support for her. Watch this video uploaded by Albert Bredenhann to Vimeo, he is the photographer the family got to capture all the memorable moments. You can learn more about his work on www.pixel or on 

Thanks to all this wonderful people we get to learn to show love,appreciation and support to all those we are privileged to have in our lives.

Gerdi McKenna centre surrounded by family and friends. Photo credits go to Albert Bredenhann of pixel

Hope you enjoyed this.



  1. Extremely touching and truly inspiring. Friends like this are rare to find.

  2. Wow!!! so touching, love is the greatest of all