Thursday, 20 March 2014

African Cuisines.

Hey guyz,

Whats up, today I just want to share pics of some of my favourites African dishes with you and I particularly dedicate this post to all high school students especially in Africa where the food suck most of the you enjoy this post, try not to salivate too much, just have faith and believe that soon you will be home with mummy and can enjoy this dishes I remember my days in boarding school how the food was the bane of our existence, anywayz if I got through definitely will, in the meantime...enjoy the

Vegetable stew....very nutritional and tastilicious. You can eat with pounded yam or Eba or Rice even Yam.

Assorted Vegetable soup locally called Efo riro. You can eat with Rice,Yam,Pounded Yam or Eba.

Bean Cake...locally called MoiMoi in Nigeria. My husband makes the best MoiMoi in the world.
This post is crazy...anyway hope you were

My humble self...wink.

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