Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Don't Say " I Love You."

"Don't say 'I love you.' Say more, Put you heart to paper."


Couples Were Asked To Describe Their Feelings Without The Word 'Love.' This Is What They Said.

So says the theme of this year's Hallmark Valentine's campaign, as they seek to "recapture" the essence of these three powerful words "I love you".

Apparently, they have put together a collection of short films of real couples who have been married for that long and asked them to describe what they liked most about their partners without making use of the words "I Love You."

Some shed tears,hugged tighter, looked deeply into each others eyes as they listened to it all....it's so inspiring, and we get to see how important those seemingly "unimportant things" that we do become what actually binds us together and make all the difference between success and failure in our relationships.

Enjoy this beautiful ode of love and do the right thing this Valentine.

For more videos and info about this campaign. Visit Hallmarks youtube channel with the link below.