Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Oddly Enough

Oddly Enough,

photo credit: Pinterest

Oddly Enough, life has been a switcheroo dance..

Born into a world tinged with betrayer and bitterness.

Scorned for the inability of others, shamed by poverty and bullied by circumstances.

Harassed and buffeted by life's travails, peer pressures and societal expectations.

Defeated by a mindset conditioned by sown twisted speeches inspired by ignorance, envy, jealousy and hate.


The future was a vicious circle when imagined...

So I feared.

Then the Truth came in the guise of the Word, inflaming the heart.

Piercing through the debris of shame, scorn, and betrayer.

Igniting the hope incubated in the core hidden under the scars of life.

That core that housed man's ability to hope regardless of how dire the situation faced.

From which a voice whispers, "you are worthy, deserving and of value".

Casting off the doubts, the fear and the shame, I triumphed.

Prevailing in all circumstances by the application of the Word.

Rebuking all thoughts that would try and cast me in the role of the "fearful and defeated".


Skillfully navigating life’s path with the floodlights of knowledge...

Oddly enough, I REIGNED!

P.S: Knowing who you are, is the only spring board to greatness! Find yourself in the words of the Creator and oddly enough you will prevail.




Thursday, 19 February 2015

That Feeling Of Uselessness.


That feeling of uselessness is that which you feel when you see your loved ones hurting and you are powerless to stop, change or take that grief upon yourself.

That feeling of uselessness is what you feel, when you watch with a sense of incredibility the forces of nature overwhelm man’s will, technologies and structures.

That feeling of uselessness is that which you feel when you’ve given your best but find out it isn’t enough.

That feeling of uselessness is what every human feels watching death sting loved ones or innocents.

That feeling of uselessness is what the righteous man feels every time evil triumph over good or the wicked prospers.

That feeling of uselessness is what the romantic feels when his/her rose tinted glasses is wrenched away and shattered by the harsh realities of unrequited, unwanted, underserved or rejected love.

That feeling of uselessness is the bane of man’s abilities and mortality, causing one to question the very essence of life and living.

That feeling of uselessness is the cause of every broken dream, mind or spirit in the world man inhibits.

Isn’t it amazing that from this feeling of uselessness, mental, spiritual, financial and physical giants are born and formed?

Isn’t it funny that from this feeling of uselessness, the seeds of immortality and limitless abilities is gleaned and then realized?

It is a known fact that from that feeling of uselessness, comes the strength to push/pull through the darkest nights of a man’s life to his glorious dawn.

When you’ve hit rock bottom remember that the only way to go is UP!


Millicent Arebun





Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Failed Promises.

"Promises are only as strong as the person who gives them" Stephen Richards.

How true the above statement is.

A huge chunk of promises made everyday are broken. No wonder many are hurting in the world today. Nothing can prepare you for the pain. Nevertheless you can overcome.

The way we respond to failed promises is more important than the fact that a promise has not been kept.

The right mental attitude.

To have very high expectations for something whether persons,institutions or outcomes, without the thought that something could go 'differently' can be a set up for heartbreak and disappointment.

It's wise to be moderate and realistic about our expectations of people or outcomes.It's also wise to be supportive and responsible to those who have made promises to us.

Jesus Christ is the only one that is incapable of making a failed Promise.

Are you heartbroken as a result of a failed promise? It's time to move on.It's time to heal.Jesus can make you whole again.Through His Word and the ministry of the Holy Spirit you can be happy again. Only believe and accept Him today into your heart..ask Him to help you and He will, because He loves you.

# inspire.


Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Don't Say " I Love You."

"Don't say 'I love you.' Say more, Put you heart to paper."


Couples Were Asked To Describe Their Feelings Without The Word 'Love.' This Is What They Said.

So says the theme of this year's Hallmark Valentine's campaign, as they seek to "recapture" the essence of these three powerful words "I love you".

Apparently, they have put together a collection of short films of real couples who have been married for that long and asked them to describe what they liked most about their partners without making use of the words "I Love You."

Some shed tears,hugged tighter, looked deeply into each others eyes as they listened to it all....it's so inspiring, and we get to see how important those seemingly "unimportant things" that we do become what actually binds us together and make all the difference between success and failure in our relationships.

Enjoy this beautiful ode of love and do the right thing this Valentine.

For more videos and info about this campaign. Visit Hallmarks youtube channel with the link below.






Thursday, 5 February 2015

Hang In There.

Some days are just so hard you wonder if it could possibly get any worse. I think the real wonder should be how you got through similar days in the past and survived. Maybe you are actually stronger than you give your self credit for.whatever the case, you are still here and life's got more for you. You got to stay positive and not succumb to the yearning in you to give in.

When I have hard times, is when I drink like one so thirsty from the wells of life found in the Word of God.

Come unto me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.(Mattew 11:28).

Now thanks be unto God, which always causeth us to triumph in Christ, and maketh manifest the savour of his knowledge by us in every place.(2Corinthians 2:14).

These scriptures help to center me and give me the will and strength to continue my walk. Its the yeast in me and it causes me to rise above every situation.

God loves you and He reaches out to you right where you are, do your part by letting Him help you.Decide for Jesus today.






Wednesday, 4 February 2015

The Journey So Far.


Where we are today is a result of what we did yesterday and what we will be tomorrow will be a result of what we do today. Appreciating this simple fact will lead us to the conclusion that there is need for periodical self examinations to help us assess..'the journey so far'.

Salient questions must be asked and truthfully answered, if we will bridge the gap between where we are and where we want to be.

Progress must be measured and performance judged realistically.

Excuses must be shunned and targets must not be sacrificed on the altar of inconsistency and compromise.

Purposeful planning must be employed and effective methods adopted for the purpose of achieving notable progress.

Remember, today is the future we all once gloriously dreamed about, letting us know the future is not a time frame, but everything that we can be but have not yet become. We must deliver the future today,we must make hay while the sun still shines.