Thursday, 28 August 2014

Breathtaking Ankara Inspired Designs for Kids from Shells Naija. Shells belles kidz.

Hello beauties,

Am in so much of a cheerful mood.Today I'll be bringing you the freshest and coolest label that recently hit the kids fashion industry. Its no other than Shells Belles Kidz. A US based unique children clothing line that uses colorful ankara prints on luxuriant fabrics to tailor and accent modern designs.

Shelly popularly known as Shells Naija is the lead designer and founder of Shellz Belles Kidz and guess what!....they have released their amazing 2014 summer collection.

These pieces are perfect for your liitle darlings as you take them out for occassions such as parties,weddings birthdays etc. for more information and enquiries visit:


View collection below.




Be good today...cheers.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Omotiny Inspires!: Daily Affirmations

Omotiny Inspires!: Daily Affirmations: Hey beautiful people, on this page, everyday I will share with you faith proclamations that will catapult you from where you are today to ...

Monday, 25 August 2014

Daily Bullets.

Self Affirmations are statements going beyond the reality of the present into the creation of the future through the words you use in the now. Louise .L.Hay.
In other words, these statements or affirmations do not reflect your present situation. They are more concerned with the creation of a future that is consistent with the future you want to see. They are statements made in faith and through the faith principle are equipped with power to cause your desired change.
I like to call them faith filled words or proclamations.
For your affirmations to be effective, they have to spoken in faith. God cannot respond to you without faith.
Affirmations have to be spoken out loud to youself.
Affirmations have to be spoken regularly.
Affirm yourself everyday. Speak positive to yourself, speak what you want to see and stay with it. Dont let certain unpleasant situations that show up around you deter you.
You are on your way to a super life I tell you.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Inner Conflict.

Hi guys,

Here in the beautiful city of madrid, its bright and sunny and I feel great! I'm really hoping it's the same for you but never mind the weather, what I have for you today is sure to help one way or the other.
Recently, I realised I have been embroiled in an Inner Conflict, which is basically when you find yourself struggling with emotional or mental obstacles....I found myself in a struggle between doing what I "ought" to do and what I truly wanted to do.

It was quite frustrating at first because I couldn't shake off this vague feeling that something was wrong, I was constantly agitated and couldn't immediately pinpoint the problem maybe due to a lack of attention...subsequently, subconsciously I tried to suppress the unease which made me feel much worse.
Anyway, thankfully, after careful self examination, I was able to trace my discomfort to some issues that needed to be addressed in my life, which was...Continuing in a situation that was no longer acceptable to me. Now the big fat question was, what do I do now?
Well, in resolving inner conflict, we too often opt for the "safe" or "politically correct" way out, paying no mind to our core needs and truest values. This shouldn't be. In times like this, what we need is summon the courage to act in synchrony with what we truly believe. The reward, almost instant relief, comfort, clarity, vitality and expansion and even exhilaration.
Finally, don't be shy to ask for help from tested and trusted sources around you. I recommend asking help from The Holy Spirit, its not difficult, just go ahead and ask Him in faith and you will feel the peace His presence always brings, nudging you in the way that's best for you.
So, inner conflicts are not as dreadful as we sometimes tend to feel they are after all, once we embrace them they can actually be a way forward to a more fulfilling life. Thanks for stopping by and I hope you have been inspired today.
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Photo credit: Pinterest and one of mine Omotiny Inspires.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Shoe Explosion.

Hi guys,
Christian Louboutin

Its been a while...yes I know. A lot of other work has nearly diverted my attention from this great platform but am glad to be back now and am ready to share all the wonderful moments that have happened to me
You know how irresistible a great pair of shoes can be, so you won't blame me for my itchy fingers when it comes to buying fabulous shoes. Guess what?... Recently I nearly had a "shoe explosion", which is when you have so many shoes and you either dont have enough storage for them or you lack organisational skills to keep those shoes from becoming a nightmare for you.
Here are some shoe storage ideas that will effectively keep you from having a "shoe explosion". For me, I personally use shelves because they come handy, already built into your room design in many cases..but there are tons of others you can use like shoe racks, boxes,mouldings,behind doors, drawers and even ottomans (isn't that cute).
My Shoe rack at home.
Ottoman storage for shoes.
Wall Mouldings.
Bags or Boxes.
You can come up with your own unique method that suits your needs and space, there is no limit as long as those shoes are given the care they deserve. Start organising today. Thanks for stopping by.
Picture credit: pinterest, google images and one of my own,Omotiny Inspires.