Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Shoe Explosion.

Hi guys,
Christian Louboutin

Its been a while...yes I know. A lot of other work has nearly diverted my attention from this great platform but am glad to be back now and am ready to share all the wonderful moments that have happened to me
You know how irresistible a great pair of shoes can be, so you won't blame me for my itchy fingers when it comes to buying fabulous shoes. Guess what?... Recently I nearly had a "shoe explosion", which is when you have so many shoes and you either dont have enough storage for them or you lack organisational skills to keep those shoes from becoming a nightmare for you.
Here are some shoe storage ideas that will effectively keep you from having a "shoe explosion". For me, I personally use shelves because they come handy, already built into your room design in many cases..but there are tons of others you can use like shoe racks, boxes,mouldings,behind doors, drawers and even ottomans (isn't that cute).
My Shoe rack at home.
Ottoman storage for shoes.
Wall Mouldings.
Bags or Boxes.
You can come up with your own unique method that suits your needs and space, there is no limit as long as those shoes are given the care they deserve. Start organising today. Thanks for stopping by.
Picture credit: pinterest, google images and one of my own,Omotiny Inspires.

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