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Tasty Bites kitchen Etiquettes.

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Today we are talking Kitchen Etiquettes. The non-negociable things you must think and do as you prepare meals both for your family and for your guests.Having being in this business for some time now, we would like to share with you our best thoughts on the matter.

CLEAN CONSCIOUSNESS: This is our first golden rule. Do what you can to ensure your counters and cooking areas are clean. Your faucets,wooden boards and utensils,surfaces of kitchen appliances and every other thing in your kitchen should be kept clean and bacterial free.Use anti bacteria sprays,hot soapy water,clean towels as wipes etc.Use hair net or cap to cover hair to prevent hairs from getting into your meals,wear comfortable clothes. If you must use the rest room while cooking,ensure you wash your hands with soap properly for about 30-40 seconds.

THINK TEMPERATURE:This is a very important aspect of food safety. Different foods are safe to eat or properly cooked at different temperatures, e.g white meat is safe to eat after it reaches 170 degrees, this is different for red meat which must get to 180 degrees before it becomes edible. Also your cooling systems must be maintained at proper temperatures in order to ensure your foods are preserved well.

A good kitchen investment you can make is to get a meat thermometer. It helps a great deal.

CHECK DATES: Another big one! Always check the dates on your food items to see if they are still within the best before dates. If its expired toss it in the bin. Dont try to smell or taste to tell if its still ok to use, your senses are not sufficient monitors, so toss it.

PROPER SERVING: When you are serving, take care to keep cold foods as chilled and hot foods hot; lukewarm is not the goal. Try not to leave any food, whether hot or cold out any longer than two hours. If you have any leftovers, they should be consumed or tossed within three days.

ORGANISATIONAL SKILLS: It always helps to keep your kitchen organised. No matter the space you have the idea is to organise and optimise it for optimal results.Place appliances,condiments,cutlerys,utensils in the best spots where you can easily reach them,where you dont have things toppling over as you move around,where you dont get fatigued as you cook. This will keep you very happy.

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Thats all we have for you today. Share with us your thoughts on the matter, we would love to hear from you.

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