Saturday, 29 March 2014

Best Spring Skirt Collection.

Hello friends,
Spring is so beautiful, with lots of colours and life...that's why we are so determined to help you be at your best this season.
Skirts are an essential part of a woman's wardrobe and when correctly ensembled can give that cool elegant and glamorous look. Here are some pointers on how you can wear your skirts.

  1. Get the best type of skirts for your body type.
  2. Wear the right top.
  3. Wear the right shoe.
  4. Darker colours are better for a more professional look.
  5. For a mini, a flowing mini skirt creates a softer more summery feel.
  6. Sometimes you can consider pairing your skirt with nude tights, stockings or leggings.
Also,like we said in the last post, be creative and experiment with everything in your wardrobe. Its always fun to experiment with clothes, accessories and colours, so let your creativity know no limits!.
Check out these pictures.
So give your little black dress a rest and let those pant take a day off and rock a skirt today!
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Thursday, 27 March 2014

Officially Spring.African Inspired.

Hey Fashionistas,
Ain't we all glad its finally Spring.The dark and cold days are almost over. Its time to wear all our favorite colours, take long romantic walks to our favorite spots and just bask in the! I love Spring and Summertime.
Today I bring you 10 of the best African Inspired Spring Summer Collection 2014. Enjoy each piece, be inspired, express your creativity and style as you experiment with your outfits. Step out in glamour this season. Its your time people!.
Source Jean SS14 Collection.
Source: By demestiks New York.


Source: Coccolily Couture.

Source: By Demestiks New York.
Source: By Demestiks New York.
Source: House Rossil.

Hope you enjoyed every piece in this post. Lets know what you think.

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Jamaican Woman with 32 Kids?

I can imagine your surprise on seeing the title above, but for Jamaican woman Ann Marie Richards, she will tell you her kids are her joy and strength.
Click to watch her amazing story.
At Omotiny Inspires we are committed to inspiring you with stories and thoughts from all over the world. Also each time you click a GoBoka video like this one, a Company will donate money to a cause. So if this video reaches 500,000 views by April 10th the Make Life Better Foundation, Unicity Charity Foundation will donate a computer lab to Ann Marie Richards Kids. So even you are making a difference.
Joel Robbins,Mattew Butler,Jenny Ljung of the GoBoka team.
Hope you enjoyed this post.

Monday, 24 March 2014

Rejection Therapy 2.

Hey guyz,
Like we learnt in the last post, a healthy attitude is what we require primarily to overcome Rejection. Acknowledging that rejection should not take away happiness, that brief disappointments is normal but our happiness level should be constant.
Hey!... Rejection does not cause pain...only YOU do.
How To Handle Rejection.
Its ok to Cry if you must. Crying is medicine, it will make you feel better. The only snag sometimes is the temptation to turn into a pity me you dont want
Review Possibilities. In some cases, its possible you were sloppy in filling out that form, or you didnt have the right qualifications for the job. In such cases, accept the constructive advice the rejection is offering and build to improve yourself. Whatever the case, there is the active need for us to improve ourselves, if not for anyone, for ourselves, to improve our sense of Well being and Confidence, attracting even more positive opportunities into our lives.
Don't seek to avoid rejection...that's what leads to its fear, which just totally cripples you from going for what you want.
Dont take rejection personally. Most people are not happy rejecting you. Dont hate people who reject you because there's more pleasure wishing them good than bad. Its saner and better to maintain friendly feelings towards people.
Stay Polite. No matter what is going on inside you maintain civility in the meantime, while you work on getting rid of any pent up feelings inside. Politeness and patience will let people see your grace and determination to keep going.
Avoid the trap of living in hope that the person who rejected you will change his or her mind. There is nothing wrong with having a faint hope, but to be consumed by the possibility will cause you to put your life on hold and not progress on your own terms.
Try Again...almost always, its worth trying again..except maybe in the case of trying to force love.


Rejection Therapy.

Hey guyz,
In our pursuit of the life of our dreams, many of us have had to face Rejection...and what a nightmare it is. I for one have a story too many to tell. Sadly for most people, Rejection has become a psychological trap in which they are unable to free themselves causing them to loose out on much of the life they have imagined. This is catastrophic, thus the need to know what Rejection is and simple practical ways we can all handle and overcome it.

What To Know About Rejection.
First, we must know that rejection hurts. Studies show that Rejection is strongly linked with physical pain. What we feel when rejected is akin to what one might feel when he's had a physical pain in his body.
Rejection can create surges of anger and depression which can lead to aggression.
Rejection can send one on a mission to seek and destroy self esteem.
Rejection can temporarily lower your IQ. This is why thinking clearly while going through painful experiences may be daunting at times.
Rejection also, does not respond to reason.
How To Handle Rejection.
Primarily, developing a healthy attitude towards rejection is everything we need. We must know and accept that rejection is a part of life and therefore find simple ways to bounce back and try again.
In this video uploaded on Youtube by Ted Talks, Jia Jiang shares his amazing story of how he found ways to bounce back and try again after facing one of the biggest Rejections of his life. This video is totally worth watching.
Check out the next post for trusted ways you can handle and overcome Rejection like it was
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Saturday, 22 March 2014

What Happens When Strangers Kiss.

Amazing things are always discovered when we care to take time out to observe the world around us.
No wonder a professor who once taught me in the University always said to us that "Observation is the Mother of all Discoveries."
Watch this video to see for yourself what happened when total strangers were randomly picked to kiss each other..share your experience on watching this video for others to see its effect on you on the comments section below.

FIRST KISS from Tatia Pilieva on Vimeo.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

African Cuisines.

Hey guyz,

Whats up, today I just want to share pics of some of my favourites African dishes with you and I particularly dedicate this post to all high school students especially in Africa where the food suck most of the you enjoy this post, try not to salivate too much, just have faith and believe that soon you will be home with mummy and can enjoy this dishes I remember my days in boarding school how the food was the bane of our existence, anywayz if I got through definitely will, in the meantime...enjoy the

Vegetable stew....very nutritional and tastilicious. You can eat with pounded yam or Eba or Rice even Yam.

Assorted Vegetable soup locally called Efo riro. You can eat with Rice,Yam,Pounded Yam or Eba.

Bean Cake...locally called MoiMoi in Nigeria. My husband makes the best MoiMoi in the world.
This post is crazy...anyway hope you were

My humble self...wink.

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Elementary School Kids doing Pharrels Happy.

Hey guyz,

I came across this awesome video on youtube uploaded by Edward boone, and I thought wow!...this elementary school kids really rocked this song, a lot of star quality I see too...This video will put a smile on your face and inspire you in a unique way...Great job kids.




Perfect Food For Perfect Skin.


Hey guys,

Its almost Spring! And you know that means that Summer is around the corner. Its time to rouse yourself and start pampering your skin cause you know you are going to flaunt it this

Today, we shall be looking to see those foods you never knew would work wonders for your skin. Make sure you stock up after reading this and they come as tasty as can be!

Red Bell Peppers: did you know they contain 100% of your daily vitamin C requirements and very significant amounts of dietary fibers and Vitamin B6. You can eat them raw or cooked. They also contain carotenoids which prevents wrinkles,improves blood circulation and they help fight acne.

Green Tea: though a beverage but tea leaves come from plants dont they? Its a great source of anti-oxidants and a unique amino acid,L-theanine that helps relax your body and lower also helps to reduce the riskof developing high blood pressure. Take 3 or more cups a day for better results.

Salmon: This fish contains a lot of ingredients that fights stress anxiety and depression,its very rich in vitamin D, which keeps the heart,bone,colon and brain healthy by preventing disease

Dark Chocolate:This tastilicious treat is very rich in anti-oxidants which reduces roughness of skinand protect against sun damage. Also contains fatty acids and flavonols that promote glowing skin.

Told you....its easy food you can get at the grocery store around the corner. Enjoy this Summer with healthy glowing skin. Watch out for the second part.


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Lekki Wives.

The name Lekki Wives has become synonymous with the money grabbing, infidelity and backstabbing antics of the rich and 'not so rich' inhabitants of Lekki (a surburb in Lagos) ever since it was first broadcasted online in April of 2013. It has since caught fire as everyone including satelite Tv Providers all over Africa scramble for a piece of the action.

Its Creator Blessing Effiom Egbe and its leading ladies okiki Omeili, Adaora Ukoh, keira Hewatch and Katherine Obiang are indeed still in shock at the broad appeal the hit show has generated and even though they bask in the lime light, I hear there's still so much work to be done as the Season 2 brews hot, promising to be better, to be out soon.

Last weekend,the hit show had its premiere in London and Manchester and it was da rave!. Personally I love the show and you too can watch to learn and be entertained as well on OH TV, every wednesday by 10pm madrid time (GMT+2).

Here are some of the pictures from the red carpet at the premiere in UK for you to enjoy.