Friday, 17 January 2014

I Want!

Hey Guyz,

Its another glorious day,and here I am thinking how difficult sometimes it is to actually pursue our dreams and desires for our lives. Yes...we want this things so bad, yet sadly, wanting something so bad is not enough to make it happen. Wishing most earnestly for it wont get it any closer except we become a certain way,do certain things and think certain ways. The list is long but I have picked out three that summarizes it all.

Hard work.
A 'I can do mentality'.

Foremost we need to become disciplined. Say for example you decide to run a blog, you need to be consistent in your postings, you need to keep driving traffic to your webpage,you need to be on the move always getting new stuffs to keep the blog fresh,alive and interesting and you need to do this without discipline you cannot achieve this but the good news is that from now you can start to lead a disciplined life.

Discipline leads me to my second point which is hard be disciplined is hard work, you got to push yourself, there are days you're not going to feel like getting out of bed but you got to, its a daily fight to win yourself. Every dream will be brought to reality through handwork which entails consistency in taking that step in the direction of your dream everyday.

Last but certainly not the least is the 'I can do mentality'...that mindset that refuses to give up even when all the odds are mounted high against you,the 'no retreat no surrender' attitude towards your goal. You need an inexhaustible doze of this because you will sure need it. A great source for this is the bible..getting acquainted with truths in the word of God and appropriating it for your life and work.

As always i hope that this helps, thanks for reading!

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