Thursday, 9 January 2014

Come true...?

Hmm....they say dreams come true..what do they mean..or who are they come we are all hooked to this 'happily ever after' syndrome....isn't it about time we stop all the fuss and is difficult already to add the bites of disappointments and the exhaustion of failed attempts..Hmm.

I have had several small dreams..many many infact...seemingly easily achievable ones..but somehow i didn't or couldn't achieve plans were intact...i was certainly on the path to my success..but yet failed to see the fruition of my efforts..

I used to have grand dreams..they made me smile as long as i was in them...but as soon as i returned to earth...i had my reality check...tho there were times when in hope i wanted to reach out and bring those visions closer...but i cringed back in fear...hmm.

Do dreams really come true....?

Smiles....yes they do and even yours can become your reality...even you can live your dream...hardwork,determination,perseverance and loads of faith are the tools you got to arm yourself with...believe in yourself and believe in your are not gonna let nobody talk you down or out...You got what it takes and with the Holy are definitely on your way...cheer up!!!

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