Monday, 20 January 2014

Forever Alive!

Forever alive...these words drifted into my consciousness one evening as I sat down folding some clothes I had washed, I sampled the words in my mind, rare combination I thought to myself, could one be forever alive?, has anyone been described as forever alive?...alive where?....,in our hearts? on the earth?..funny.

If I wanted to be forever alive...what could I do, what would I need? I perused my mind a thought lit up in my heart...oh!..yes of course, it was possible to be forever alive...I see it now, not so rare now that understanding has come....

There are many who are forever alive, for us, they never die, for us they live on forever.

These are the people who through their lives have gifted us with what 'words cannot express', they have inspired us and significantly affected us in more ways than one. This they did through their work, their words,their lives.....and for some, simply through the fact that they lived and once walked amongst us.

Leave a candle burning for posterity....You can!.


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