Tuesday, 4 February 2014


Hey guyz!

Have you observed that when you try to be 'somebody'...thats when people and situations try to tell you that you are nothing. They tell you we have always known you, you cant be more than you are, more than what you used to be, same people who were perfectly happy with you when you lived with the status quo.

Well, the more people get mad at you for trying to be more, the more you should just go at what you want to be. You know how some people just get mad at you for even thinking yourself something...funny right? they try to make you see all the reasons why you cant be more. Well their observations may be correct...no problem about that , work on your self, improve yourself, begin to research and find out how you can be better. Be so good that they will be forced to change their minds...yes, cos' they will, when eventually you turn out a success.

Don't  despise the days of your little beginnings, there are different phases in life....you may be small now..but you are getting there....remember the best revenge is Success...so don't let nobody get you down and don't quit becoming the best of you, everyday.


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