Monday, 17 February 2014

What we do for love.

Hey friends,

With all the buzz last week about the upcoming valentines day guessing you sure had a great weekend. 

Tell me, where you among those that did the last minute rush to pick up that super red hot dress (or was it the lingerie?),
did you dash into the mall to get that perfume or flowers,or did you surf the internet all day trying to find those perfect words that will make his heart melt? better still, did you labour all afternoon in the kitchen putting together that favorite meal of his that would put that wide grin on his face?    

Whatever you did, If you put that much effort to make valentines perfect for you and your loved one(s) you sure deserve to be applauded. I for one, subscribe to taking that extra time to celebrate and show appreciation and say I LOVE YOU  to those that are so dear to us because as we all know, life happens, we may not always seize the opportunities that come our way everyday to show them how much they really mean to us but a day like valentines delivers that opportunity on a platter of gold that we cant miss...and isn't it beautiful to give appreciation and love and also be a recipient of it...divine! Lol.

Now that valentines day is come and gone...lets not loose the bliss, the smiles, joys and laughter it brought to us...continue to show appreciation and TALK love to your loved ones..they deserve to know they are special just as you are special. 

Just in case your valentines day didn't quite turn out right...never mind, a rose is still a rose, you are special, you are loved. Don't stop sowing seeds of love in those around will reap a harvest soon.



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