Thursday, 20 February 2014

My Response.

Once, I was with a group of friends or should I call them acquaintances. The thing is we belong in the same circle therefore have certain activities and interests in common.

Anyway, one day, as we mingled around after one of our reunions...a dear brother said to me in the presence of some others..."oh you are such an inspiration to me...etc, very nice words of how meeting me as a person has influenced him positively"...I replied, "oh, thank you very much"  and I smiled kindly at him but one of those present seemed to think I should have been more effusive and joyous about the comments I had just received and asked me.."is that all you are going to say?...just thank you".

Well, firstly, to have someone say to you that you have affected them positively, and that you are such an inspiration to them is a big deal any day..even if it was a even at that I wasn't ready to "flip over". You see, overtime I have learnt that people spoke based on their emotions, and because emotions varied from time to time you may just be treading on slippery grounds if you 'flipped' every time they said something nice to you. What happens on the day they say stuff about you that you don't  like, stuff you don't  exactly agree with..what are you going to do?..."flip" too?

What am getting at is, We ought to respond with knowledge to the stimuli around us and not just react proportionally to whatever situations throw at us. A poet once wrote that "if you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same...then you'll be a man. He called triumph and disaster impostors and thought they should be treated the same because what ultimately matters is you, how you are going to respond, your attitude, the way you will handle the situation and eventually what is going to become of you as a result.

Settle it in your heart that you are someone special, worthy of respect and who deserves to be treated right. Walk accordingly while reciprocating this same attitude to all those you meet and it wont matter what situations throw at you...You will live happy.

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