Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Perfect Food For Perfect Skin.


Hey guys,

Its almost Spring! And you know that means that Summer is around the corner. Its time to rouse yourself and start pampering your skin cause you know you are going to flaunt it this

Today, we shall be looking to see those foods you never knew would work wonders for your skin. Make sure you stock up after reading this and they come as tasty as can be!

Red Bell Peppers: did you know they contain 100% of your daily vitamin C requirements and very significant amounts of dietary fibers and Vitamin B6. You can eat them raw or cooked. They also contain carotenoids which prevents wrinkles,improves blood circulation and they help fight acne.

Green Tea: though a beverage but tea leaves come from plants dont they? Its a great source of anti-oxidants and a unique amino acid,L-theanine that helps relax your body and lower also helps to reduce the riskof developing high blood pressure. Take 3 or more cups a day for better results.

Salmon: This fish contains a lot of ingredients that fights stress anxiety and depression,its very rich in vitamin D, which keeps the heart,bone,colon and brain healthy by preventing disease

Dark Chocolate:This tastilicious treat is very rich in anti-oxidants which reduces roughness of skinand protect against sun damage. Also contains fatty acids and flavonols that promote glowing skin.

Told you....its easy food you can get at the grocery store around the corner. Enjoy this Summer with healthy glowing skin. Watch out for the second part.


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  1. Great teaching, I will follow the step.Thks