Monday, 24 March 2014

Rejection Therapy.

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In our pursuit of the life of our dreams, many of us have had to face Rejection...and what a nightmare it is. I for one have a story too many to tell. Sadly for most people, Rejection has become a psychological trap in which they are unable to free themselves causing them to loose out on much of the life they have imagined. This is catastrophic, thus the need to know what Rejection is and simple practical ways we can all handle and overcome it.

What To Know About Rejection.
First, we must know that rejection hurts. Studies show that Rejection is strongly linked with physical pain. What we feel when rejected is akin to what one might feel when he's had a physical pain in his body.
Rejection can create surges of anger and depression which can lead to aggression.
Rejection can send one on a mission to seek and destroy self esteem.
Rejection can temporarily lower your IQ. This is why thinking clearly while going through painful experiences may be daunting at times.
Rejection also, does not respond to reason.
How To Handle Rejection.
Primarily, developing a healthy attitude towards rejection is everything we need. We must know and accept that rejection is a part of life and therefore find simple ways to bounce back and try again.
In this video uploaded on Youtube by Ted Talks, Jia Jiang shares his amazing story of how he found ways to bounce back and try again after facing one of the biggest Rejections of his life. This video is totally worth watching.
Check out the next post for trusted ways you can handle and overcome Rejection like it was
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