Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Failed Promises.

"Promises are only as strong as the person who gives them" Stephen Richards.

How true the above statement is.

A huge chunk of promises made everyday are broken. No wonder many are hurting in the world today. Nothing can prepare you for the pain. Nevertheless you can overcome.

The way we respond to failed promises is more important than the fact that a promise has not been kept.

The right mental attitude.

To have very high expectations for something whether persons,institutions or outcomes, without the thought that something could go 'differently' can be a set up for heartbreak and disappointment.

It's wise to be moderate and realistic about our expectations of people or outcomes.It's also wise to be supportive and responsible to those who have made promises to us.

Jesus Christ is the only one that is incapable of making a failed Promise.

Are you heartbroken as a result of a failed promise? It's time to move on.It's time to heal.Jesus can make you whole again.Through His Word and the ministry of the Holy Spirit you can be happy again. Only believe and accept Him today into your heart..ask Him to help you and He will, because He loves you.

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