Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Oddly Enough

Oddly Enough,

photo credit: Pinterest

Oddly Enough, life has been a switcheroo dance..

Born into a world tinged with betrayer and bitterness.

Scorned for the inability of others, shamed by poverty and bullied by circumstances.

Harassed and buffeted by life's travails, peer pressures and societal expectations.

Defeated by a mindset conditioned by sown twisted speeches inspired by ignorance, envy, jealousy and hate.


The future was a vicious circle when imagined...

So I feared.

Then the Truth came in the guise of the Word, inflaming the heart.

Piercing through the debris of shame, scorn, and betrayer.

Igniting the hope incubated in the core hidden under the scars of life.

That core that housed man's ability to hope regardless of how dire the situation faced.

From which a voice whispers, "you are worthy, deserving and of value".

Casting off the doubts, the fear and the shame, I triumphed.

Prevailing in all circumstances by the application of the Word.

Rebuking all thoughts that would try and cast me in the role of the "fearful and defeated".


Skillfully navigating life’s path with the floodlights of knowledge...

Oddly enough, I REIGNED!

P.S: Knowing who you are, is the only spring board to greatness! Find yourself in the words of the Creator and oddly enough you will prevail.





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