Friday, 9 May 2014

7 Upgrading Skills.

Hey guyz,
One good thing we most definitely have going for us in life is... no matter the level we are right now, we can make improvements for the better. We can be upgraded. We got that ability in us, all we need do is locate those aspects in need of upgrading and go right ahead and make the necessary upgrade.
In light of this, I bring you seven important skills you need to have today. Whether you are a top professional,housewife, artist or student, it makes no difference. These skills, as highlighted by Strive Masiyiwa will put you ahead of your game in no time.
  1. How to prepare a Financial Ledger.
  2. HTML and Basic Coding.
  3. How to Back up to the Cloud.
  4. How to write a Business Plan.
  5. How to Set up a Website and Domain.
  6. How to Sell online.
  7. Get a Basic Craft Skill even if its in agriculture or plumbing.
If you posess this skills already..favoured art if you are yet to have this skills,get right into research and study,take advantage of the internet,online courses etc and be on your way to the upgrade of your life.

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